Advertising at Sunset Point

Movies are at the heart of American culture. Since the late 1800's people have flocked to the cinema to escape to another world. They arrive looking to be moved in some way. Whether it's laughter, terror, amazement, or having their hearts touched- the audience is captivated and connected.

Imagine if you could tap into that emotional connection right in the moment. Oh wait ... You can! 

We all know that feeling of anticipation. Sitting in the comfort of a theater, eyes focused on the giant screen in front of you, then the lights dim ... Magic is just moments away. 

Neilsen Media reports that your local cinema audience has 33% higher engagement in contrast to when they are home watching live sports and even prime time tv. The results show moviegoers experience heightened emotional responses when viewing ads in a cinema setting. It's prime time all the time- on a much higher level.

Sunset Point Cinema's digital ads are designed to be a conversation starter for waiting moviegoers. Looking to make an impact? Give your message a starring role. Advertise where the action, comedy, and drama is.

No remote controls, DVRs, or TIVOs to skip your message. No distractions.

Big screen ads capture local target audience's attention better than any other media because audiences want to be engaged.

Sunset Cinema Bar and Grill is unique in many ways, but we like to take things even a step further with a hands-on approach and support of our local community. We take care to select and place each preshow area digital ads/slides from local business'. The radius of appeal is 5-10 miles, strategically covering Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Largo, Palm Harbor and even St. Pete. These digital ads/slides increase consumer awareness of your business like no other advertising medium, and onscreen advertising is surprisingly affordable.

Facts & Figures

The preshow advertising program begins 20-30 minutes before each show with each image lasting a minimum of 20 seconds and rotating through several times.

The auditorium seats 180 people, 230 including the bar and includes 34 shows per week during the regular season.

Sunset Point Cinema averages 750 local customers per week, which equates to 3,000 unique customers per month that view first run movies that are changed out every two weeks. Spending your advertising dollars with Sunset Point Cinema keeps movie goers close to home while projecting what your business offers. These funds are kept in the community and used to sponsor local charity events, pay our friendly staff, and other operating expenses, while keeping our prices the lowest in the industry.

Sunset Point Cinema prices are $6.50 per adult and $5.00 for kids and seniors. We are a very affordable entertainment experience.